hole in mans head

This man has a hole in his head

Charles Bonnet syndrome

Another good one not on Wikipedia is Bonnet Syndrome. Supposedly, this is not actually a psychological disorder, but occurs with people who have a specific type of eye degeneration


When a patient presents with vivid visual hallucinations, a doctor probably considers common diagnoses such as delirium, dementia, psychoses, or a drug related condition. Charles Bonnet syndrome, however, is a condition characterised by visual hallucinations alongside deteriorating vision, usually in elderly people. The correct diagnosis of this distressing but not uncommon condition is of utmost importance, considering the serious implications of the alternative diagnoses.


Neighbours brought an 87 year old white widower—who lived alone in a flat—to the medical assessment unit of a district general hospital. They were concerned that he was becoming demented. Apparently he had reported seeing people and animals in his house—including bears and Highland cattle. He verified these statements and said he had been seeing them for the previous six weeks. He had also often seen swarms of flies and blue fish darting across the room.

Exploding head syndrome

Exploding head syndrome is an unusual and fairly rare condition that is often described as a parasomnia. A parasomnia is any occurrence which disrupts sleep, and can include things like sleep walking, myoclonic jerks, or night terrors. Though some cases of exploding head syndrome have been described when a person is awake, most often this unusual circumstance occurs just as people are drifting off to sleep. What then follows is a loud bang, crash, ring or explosion noise, which seems to occur in the head, and which usually results in total wakefulness, potentially upset, and some panic.

Noma disease (cancrum oris)

Noma (cancrum oris) is an acute and ravaging gangrenous infection affecting the face. The victims of Noma are mainly children under the age of 6, caught in a vicious circle of extreme poverty and chronic malnutrition.

Noma begins with ulcers in the mouth. If the condition is detected in the early stage, progression can be prevented with the use of mild antibiotics and immediate nutritional rehabilitation. If left untreated, as happens in most cases, the ulcers progress to Noma at an alarming pace. The next stage is extremely painful when the cheeks or lips begin to swell and the victim’s general condition deteriorates. Within a few days, the swelling increases and a blackish furrow appears and the gangrenous process sets in and, after the scab falls away and a gaping hole is left in the face. It is estimated that the mortality rate reaches up to an alarming 90%

Knife in mans brain

knife in brain

knife in brain

Upon being stabbed, Sgt. Dan Powers was heard to remark that he was “pretty pissed off” (legend), before an insanely good stream of medical folks put him back together again. I’ll admit I skipped somewhat near the end, but I’m sure that if I read the context, this line will cease to be quite as amusing:

‘Trudy Powers, standing with her husband in their home, was tearful, trembling and mortified by the contents she expected to find inside.

Out plopped a hunk of stainless steel resembling a flea market dagger.’

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome


Cyclicvomiting syndrome

is a condition whose symptoms are recurring attacks of intense nausea, vomiting and sometimes abdominal pain and/or headaches or migraines. Cyclic vomiting usually develops during childhood; while it often ends during adolescence, it can persist into adult life. Onset of the condition is possible at any age but is seen to occur more often in a young age. Sufferers may vomit or retch six to twelve times an hour and an episode may last from a few hours to well over 3 weeks. Some people may find it hard to conceive how anyone can vomit after that length of time, as the stomach will have emptied after the first few instances of vomiting. Acid, bile and (if the vomiting is severe) blood may be vomited. It results in lack of sleep, normal eating, and concentration. The cause of CVS has not been determined, there are no diagnostic tests for it.

Parasitic twin pictures

On July 7th, 1931 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Ernie Defort was born with a parasitic twin attached at to his sternum.
On July 7th, 1931 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Ernie Defort was born with a parasitic twin attached at to his sternum.


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